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Cape Ann Youth Hockey 
Boys and girls from the ages 3-16 can learn to skate and develop hockey skills in Cape Ann Youth Hockey's various programs. Cape Ann Youth Hockey is a non-profit organization governed by a board of directors and run by volunteers. CAYH is committed to providing our players the opportunity to have fun on the ice while learning the basic skills of ice skating and how to play the game of hockey. Most importantly, we want each and every athlete to develop friendships and have fun. We hope to develop our players to become the best hockey players that they can be and to help set good examples for them to carry into their adulthood while participating in a sport that they love to play.  

CAYH Return to Practice and Game Guidelines for 20/21

Compliance is Key


As we navigate through the Covid -19 pandemic while players return to the ice, CAYH will continue to provide updates by USA Hockey, Mass Hockey and the state of Massachusetts. It is extremely important that every player, parent and coach follow guidelines set forth by the organization, league and participating rinks in order for this hockey season to be a success.

Below are links to websites that will provide addiontal infomation:


MA Hockey/USA Hockey guideline updates:

League updates and information:




Talbot Rink / Practice & Game Guidelines

Below are the Guidelines (effective 8/18/20) It is extremely important to review with your child prior to entering the rink.

* When Arriving please enter through the upper main entrance and exit out the lower level back doors*


The Talbot Rink will be open for Youth and Adult Amateur Sports Activities only.

No one who has been in contact in the last 14 days with anyone who has been diagnosed with, or shows symptoms of COVID-19 will be allowed in the rink.

Everyone entering the rink will be required to sign in and full out a COVID-19 Questionnaire on a daily basis.

The rink is not open to the public – there will be no public skate, birthday parties, or private ice rentals until Phase 4.

Snack Bar and vending machines will not be available.

Public Restrooms will be available for hand washing purposes only

Showers will be not be available.

Locker rooms will be available on a limited basis (use of the restroom).

Meeting room will not be available for meetings or warm up as it will be the sign in room.

No public water fountain will be provided. All are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

Gathering in the lobby is not permitted.

Face coverings must be worn by everyone at all times on the premises except for participants ON THE ICE. Participants must bring their own “container” to hold their face covering while they are on the ice.

All skaters and coaches, regardless of group size, must adhere to 6 feet of social distancing while on the ice.

Social distancing of 6 feet must always be maintained by staff/participants and spectators.

Participants must leave the ice as soon as the siren sounds, remove their skates if necessary, and exit the rink IMMEDIATELY to minimize contact with the group before and after.

Participant / Spectator / Specific Guidelines

All participants (including coaches and instructors) are required to fill out the “COVID-19Waiver/Release of Liability” and “COVID-19 QUESTIONNAIRE” forms on your first visit to rink. (Warm Room)

Each subsequent visit will require the participant, coach, and/or instructor to fill out and sign theCOVID-19 QUESTIONNAIRE form. If you answer YES to any of the questions on the questionnaire you MAY be asked to leave the rink with the recommendation to call your healthcare provider.

Only ONE parent/guardian/chaperone should accompany the youth participant into the rink to complete the paperwork. We request that the parent/guardian/chaperone return to their vehicle or outdoor space for the session.

After completing your paperwork all participants, coaches, instructors, chaperones, and skaters will go into either the men’s or women’s restroom, wash their hands, and then go downstairs to put on their skates.

If your child is 10 years old or under, one parent/ guardian/chaperone may accompany the child down stairs to assist with their skates if needed. Once the child is on the ice the parent/guardian/ chaperone can either exit the rink via the rear door, wait outside until the session is over, and then renter the rink, check in at the warm room and go down stairs to assist the removal of skates. If the parent/guardian/chaperone needs to stay they can sit in the top couple of rows of the bleachers on the designated locations.

There will be two designated waiting areas (A and B) for skaters to put on their skates and a designated area for coaches (C). The bleachers will be pulled back partially to create room for the waiting areas. Each area will have benches or chairs set up, 6’ apart, for the participants. The groups will alternate between areas “A” and “B” so that there is no interaction between groups.

On ice sessions will be the normal 50 minutes to allow each group on the ice surface. Once the siren blows all skaters must immediately leave the surface and go remove their skates and exit the building via the back door. There will be designated travel paths to follow depending upon which area you are assigned to. Please follow these designated pathways to prevent interaction between groups.

Don’t come early or stay after late. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled ice time.

No sharing of personal equipment, water bottles or food. Each participant must bring their own water bottle if needed.

No spitting, handshakes, high fives, fist bumps or any other type of customary contact will be allowed in order to minimize potential for transmission.

Coaches, instructors and skaters must sanitize hands prior to and immediately after skating. There will be sanitizing stations set up at both benches and the entrance to the ice. Coaches and instructors are responsible to make sure this happens. 


All coaches must provide a current USA Hockey membership number in order to participate.

IF you do not feel well, do not come to the rink.

Please come dressed to coach. Choose a seat in area “C” for putting on your skates and keep all your personal belongings close to your seat.

Coaches are expected to look out for the safety of their skaters and fellow skaters for social distancing requirements of a minimum of 6 feet of surrounding space when stopped anywhere on the ice. Coaches consistently violating social distancing requirements will be required to stay in their designated spot, or teach from the boards off the ice.

Coaches are required to wear a mask at all times they are in the facility, including while coaching.

Coaches are asked to keep a distance between them and their skater while coaching, and to keep any close interactions with their skater to a very short duration. Verbal cues should be given whenever possible, with physical content only in exceptional circumstances.

Coaches should wash or sanitize their hands after working with an individual skater, especially if they have had any close contact with the skater.

Coaches should confirm that a skater has used the hand sanitizer before starting their lesson. They should also remind skaters of the importance of consistently following all published guidelines to keep themselves and other skaters safe. This is something positive and pro-active that everyone can do to be part of the solution to keep the Rink community safe.

There is a maximum of 25 participants on a single surface. If there are less than 12 participants (including coaches) in the group you will have access to the entire surface. If there are between 12 and 25 participants in the group, the groups must be split up with half at one end and half at the other end. The area between the blue lines will be used as a buffer zone for the two groups.


IF you do not feel well, do not come to the rink.

As a reminder, skaters are required to warm-up outside the rink, weather permitting. In the event of inclement weather, the hallway outside the locker rooms will be available. When warming up inside, skaters must follow the standard social distancing police of 6’ distance from each other. If warming up inside the facility you must do so within the 15 minute time fame before your session begins.

Once directed to area “A” or “B”, please use the chairs/benches in that area to put your skates on and off. You may leave your belongings in the immediate space around your spot while you skate.

Please make sure you wash your hands after signing in.

Please sanitize your hands as you go on the ice and come off the ice.

When you are done with your session, please quickly take off your skates and gather your things and exit via the back door.

Please do not congregate anywhere inside the rink. Leave your socializing and extended communication to outside the rink.

For more information on Activities allowed / not allowed please visit Mass Hockey’s website


CAYH Additional Guidelines

For the safety of our players, CAYH has implemented additional guidelines to minimize time spent in rinks for games and practices

Face Coverings are required for EVERYONE –players, coaches, spectators

Please follow Rink guidelines and signage to properly distance while in the arena

Players must come dressed (minus skates, gloves and helmet) to practices and games.

No hockey bags are allowed in the rink for practices and games. (A small bag to carry helmet, skates and gloves will be permitted).

Goalies are encouraged to come 1/2 dressed and will be permitted to bring their bag into the rink for games and practices.

Locker rooms maybe opened at a rink's discretion, but only up to 50% capacity. Each rink will have properly distanced chairs or benches available to tie skates. CAYH strongly discourages the use of locker rooms at this time.

Only one parent or guardian per family is allowed in the rink and must follow the rink’s posted guidelines. (if a rink posts no spectators you must abide)

All players must have their own water bottle clearly marked with his/her name.

Each rink has its own protocols so please be sure to check guidelines on rink websites before attending games.

Players will be socially distanced on benches during games, and currently are required to have a mask on while on the bench.

Our program is required to track attendance for all games and practices for contact tracing purposes.

All players must check-in upon arriving at the rink.

Coaches will be supplied with Sanitization Kit witch will include: extra face masks, Hand sanitizer, Sterilization spray and wipes and gloves. It will be the coaches responsibility to sanitize the benches for the players prior to the start of a game.


Important Reminders

Per Mass Hockey guidelines checking has been suspended for the 2020/21 season. Face-masks must be worn by centers for face-offs, Checking will result in a minor penalty, to review the guidelines visit :



For any positive test cases, the CAYH safety officer must be notified immediately. All contact safety and tracing procedures will be initiated including quarantine and rink sanitization as required by the Board of Health and State guidelines. Any notifications of positive or potential cases will be kept confidential. If you have any questions or concerns please email



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