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Dear CAYH Coaches & Managers -

Did you know that you can review game RSVPs from your players via our website and you can also click one button to generate an email letting you know that they haven't replied?   This is a REAL time saver! 

You can also download the free League Athletics app and manage schedules and emails from your phone!  This saves EVEN MORE TIME!

Please see the instructions below to review game responses.  It is important to stress to your team that they must hit the "Yes" or "No" button when they get their scheduling reminder.

Keep in mind, that the RVPS include coaching staff members, so keep that in mind when you are counting the number attending the game to ensure you have enough players.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

If you have enabled the RSVP option for Game Reminders for your teams, members will receive an email 48 hours before an event with two links: "Yes, I'll be there" or "No, I cannot make it." When they select one of these links in the email, this is saved to your website for coaches to see who will or will not be at the game.

Note: When members respond "No," an email is automatically sent to the Coaches and Managers of that team, letting them know that this person will not be there.

1. To find other responses within your site, login as an admin, coach or manager of a team and navigate to a team's Schedule page. 

2. On the right side of the page, next to each event you will see an actions column with a "thumbs-ip" icon. Clicking this icon will take you to the response page to see who has responded to the event reminder. "N/A" would be shown for events that have been cancelled.

3. On the response page, you will be presented with three columns: Attending, Not Attending, and No Response.

Those members that have responded to the event RSVP will be automatically placed in the correct column.

To move members manually into the correct column, click the icon to the left of their name.

Once members have been moved to the proper column, you can email this list of members only by clicking the Email option at the top of the column.

When the No Response email option is selected, this will send another standard RSVP notice to these members. This message can be manually sent at any time from this page until the event has occurred.