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Standard Process For:

"What To Do if a Team Cancels a Game on You"


"How to Cancel a Game if Your Team Cannot Make It"


How to Login to VL Web Site: 

Go to VL site, log in as “capeanncoach” use “5713” as your password. This will give you access to the ADMIN options on the far right. From there you will find Cancelation and Swap forms. Follow the directions provided on the website.

If Someone Cancels on You:
You have the option to use the ice for a practice, scrimmage or make up game. If there is no way you are going to use the ice, first give a shout to see if any other CA coach could use it. Than if no one does, go to VL site log in and accept the cancelation. If VL ends up using the ice, neither team will be charged for the game. Realistically, Matt Johnson (VL scheduler) will need at least ten days lead time to reschedule the ice, so if you can’t use the ice, you may be better off seeing if one of the CAYH teams can use it for a practice. Once the high school season starts most coaches will take any ice they can get their hands on.
If the canceling team does not make up the game, then they will be charged for the full price of the game and we'll get a credit for our half. If they do make up the game (at their cost) then it's a wash, no matter if we used the ice or not.

Please forward the cancelation to Kristin Michel at

It is very important that we keep careful records of canceled games for our end of the year audit. This will also ensure that your entire team will get a CAYH notification of the canceled game and will save you about a dozen phone calls or emails to and from your players.

If You Need to Cancel a Game:
Log in and go to the ADMIN page and follow the instructions. I am going to ask that you also email me informing us of the need to cancel a game.

From there it is up to you to find some ice to make up the game, if that's what you want to do. You may want to contact me to see about Talbot ice if you can actually get a team to come "all the way up to Gloucester". Keep in mind that as the canceling team it is up to CAYH to cover the costs and it is not always possible to find ice to host a game at Talbot.
If you don't reschedule the game CAYH will be charged an extra cost to cover the rebate to the other team. If you do want to reschedule, it is up to CA to cover the cost of that game too. Round figures between ice, refs, scorekeeper and what we have already paid Valley for the canceled game a reschedule costs our program around $700. So keep in mind, outside of the headache of rescheduling the game, there are financial implications that our program may not be able to absorb.
Again thank you for all of your efforts and for everything you do for our players and our program.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kristin Michel, Ice Manager & CAYH President